a philosophaster dabbles. sometimes serious, other times not.

a philosophaster takes their time, and resists sloppy and hurried thinking, but at the same time, seeks out vagueness and uncertainty...

the internet is a fast place. but not only the internet, the world is hyper-accelerated: travel, communication, food, publishing, fast production generally. at philosophasters we offer ourselves, and whoever is interested, strategies and therapies for slowing down and reclaiming thought. 

through our interviewsarticlescollections, blasters, dialogues, retreats and public events we seek both free and playful exploration, but also careful peregrinations. our goal is to make philosophical, scientific and artistic ideas part of common discourse. our podcast and articles are about making connections. thus, it is essential to present ideas and people that reach across diverse and often fragmented disciplines; we focus on words, research, and art that builds bridges and resists the push towards specialization, while at the same time not skating around complexity and subtlety of thought.

our projects grow from the inside, they happen by planting seeds. the site's content emerges organically; a result of the shared experience of the philosophaster community. we don't follow production schedules, or fill space to fill space, talk for the sake of talking. all our content (editor commissioned, or writer-submitted) and events are a horticultural undertaking: some of these grow into new projects and events, and some do not. we always take each new seedling seriously. they've all made it here for a reason, however vague, and for this simple truth they deserve our attending to. 

we work in a variety of mediums, because well, quite simply, ideas come in many forms, not just academic papers. philosophasters is not committed to any particular subject matter, but simply the praxis of philosophizing, wherever that may take us, and in whatever form.