An Interview with Alin Olteanu: Education, Signs, and the History of Ideas

Alin Olteanu

Alin Olteanu

Alin Olteanu is a scholar who takes 'learning' very seriously.

He is involved with the discipline of Philosophy of Education, which is concerned with figuring out what exactly we mean by this concept of learning, and thus what we want and hope for in our educational institutions. 

In 2015, Alin published the book "Philosophy of Education in the Semiotics of Charles Peirce: a Cosmology of Learning and Loving", which was the result of his doctoral research. He is currently a post doctoral researcher at the International Semiotics Institute at the Kaunas University of  Technology in Lithuania.   

In this interview we got to talking to Alin about many things, including: the shared history of semiotics and liberal education; the modern university and its medieval antecedents; Christian and Islamic philosophy; intercultural translation; the close affinity between biology and learning; and how our social understandings of learning determine and shape our basic relationship to the world. 

(Alin also has the rare privilege of being the first person interviewed by Philosophasters under the age of 70!)