In the depths of inky space, only two creatures exist. They have lived entangled in each other. The driving force of the universe, war, has not yielded a definitive result in the performance of the whale and the giant squid. Over the millennia, travelers have built pressurized jet ships to witness the spectacle. Earthmen spent several centuries refining the technology that would take them from the earth’s crust into space; humans similarly evolved their technical abilities to send similar ships into the space called Ocean.

There is a tale about the Dixon Entrance—that it is disputed under international law between two of the countries that live on the Earth’s floating surface. In reality, the Entrance is the locus for the eternal fight. All creatures who have witnessed the terror of the sperm whale and the giant squid eventually bore of the wait. A battle of the minds, between foes of similar physique, yields little movement. Inevitably, after five minutes or fifty, someone offers to buy French fries and leave the shadowy depths to the next millennium.