the judgement of a gorilla

“You have the judgement of a gorilla!” said Judge Mental.

The gorilla paused to reflect, and wondered what, in the judge’s estimation, was wrong with this.  He scratched his ear, and stroked his eyebrow, and picked his nose. 

“Did gorillas bomb Hiroshima?”  The gorilla rebutted.

“You tore the man in half,” added the judge.

“So that’s why you arrested me?” The gorilla asked.  “Over one man?”

“Yup,” said Judge Mental. 

The gorilla tore the judge in half.

“It’s because you didn’t use a predicate!”  The gorilla snarled.

“The predicate is understood within a quotation,” Judge Mental croaked.

“No one said,” the animal said.  “Sorry.”

The gorilla wiped his finger on the judge’s forehead.