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Ambiguity and the Creative Practice: a roundtable

A open discussion and seminar hosted by and selfhelp. There will be mulled wine and popcorn! you can RSVP on Facebook

DESCRIPTION: Ambiguity often makes us nervous. With many things in our lives, we value planning and seek structure and accountability. But ambiguity clearly also presents an opportunity to see things differently and anew; "to perceive resemblances even between things that are far apart" as Aristotle says in "The Rhetoric". Ambiguity represents the movement from what is known to what is unknown - where interpretation is not easily determined, and the practitioner is presented with a plurality of possible actions and responses. Embracing ambiguity allows us to create a path back to the familiar. In our professional and creative practices meeting and attuning to the unknown provides us with an opportunity to reflect on, innovate and (hopefully) improve our existing processes of action and interpretation. The purpose of this seminar is to foster discussion between members of different practices to discuss the relation between ambiguity, innovation, and creativity. 

A variety of people (professionals, teachers, artists, scholars, craftspeople) will be doing short informal roundtable discussions about different aspects of ambiguity. 

As one example: Cary Campbell will be discussing the negative implications to policy and practice that result from a failure to account for ambuiguity in popular understandings of the learning process. He will talk about how our desire to operationalize, to 'pin-down' learning in theory and practice, functions to reify learning, and in effect mystify it. 

Friday, Jan 12th, 7:30pm for 8. Gold Saucer studio. 207 West Hastings Street; Vancouver, British Columbia

If you wish to present something (10-15 min) at this roundtable  (ex. a specific practice or idea you want to share and discuss) please contact us at or on this page.